“ our race is
Buller Day on
31st July”

Reports and Results

Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club race with our four gigs. "Buller", "Socoa", "Rose of Cadgwith" and "Tamarisk”

Cadgwith Gig upturns at Newquay, Wet but Safe!

See video from Jane Mowatt on Youtube. thanks Jane. Cadgwith B crew, listed to one side and was swamped with water. As it listed the crew fell out of the gig, which righted itself, but then ended up overturned again.
Julie Arthur, secretary of Newquay Rowing Club, said “It was nothing to do with the wind conditions or the sea conditions. It was just a freak accident and I doubt you could recreate it if you tried. What we don’t want is for people to think we allowed racing in unsafe conditions.”

Well don, Dave, Stevie, Dave, Stuart and the others in the gig, glad your all ok!!!

16 March 2013, Race Report by Dani Yeats
HI, well what a day. Had to walk about a mile to get to event as the feild was out of bounds due to the rain. All pitched up just as the first race was on its way in. Conditions looked a bit challenging to say the least with the tide turning and having to row back into a brick wall wind. Luckily we were third race and we were so grateful. The heavens opened and not just with rain but freezing cold hail, poor buggers raced back in that. Anyway, the ladies line up was on a start line of 17. In our crew was, Kim, Shelly, Emma, myself, (Dani) Caitlin and Katie. Cox was Dave Jane. We had a good start and maintained our position. Like I said, rowing back into the wind and turning tide all the way made for a long hard row. There was no escape on any part of the river so it was literally pull and bear it. We came home in 12th place, we were 5,32 mins behind winning boat but because someone shouted start before the flag dropped they dont have a race time. All in all the first race of the season under those conditions and I think we were all happy. One down, bring on the rest of the season.

Cadgwith Gig Club 2012 season round-up

As the nights draw in, another gig rowing season comes to an end, and our thoughts
turn to fixing broken ribs (boat thankfully, rather than human).

It’s fair to say we had quite a slow start to the year as a club, but momentum has built
throughout the summer, and we’ve had some notable successes once again, especially
our Juniors.

Due to low numbers, we took the decision to take just one boat Tamarisk to Scilly
for the World Championships in May. Those who went had a great time, with the
weather pleasantly better than forecast. Our mens vets crew of David Holyer, Steve
Jane, Mike Hardy, Gary Pulfrey, Elwyn Jones and Stuart Naish, cox Sam Jane, kicked
things off on the Friday, coming in 34th. In the main Mens races, our crew of Brett
Jose, Matt Holyer, Olly Williams, Ed Bray, Isaac McNeish and Tommy Phillips, cox
Steve Jane, came 57th out of 120 gigs, a great result for a young crew many of whom
were experiencing their first taste of Scilly racing. Cadgwith Ladies were particularly
thin on the ground but with the help of friends from Scilly and Newquay Sam Jane
and Kim Smith got to race in the main ladies event, coming a commendable 46th out
of 125, and Tamarisk also took to the water for the Ladies Vets, coming in 42nd with a
scratch crew including Eula Hardy and Mo Jones.

Back home, momentum slowly built over the summer, with the club settling into
regular training nights in the cove. Many thanks to Sam Jane and Sue Atkinson for
the time they have put into promoting junior rowing in the cove, with well attended
sessions for new and novice young rowers being a great feature of the summer.
Their work, and Jeb Preston’s ongoing commitment to training the more experienced
rowers, meant we were the only club to enter 3 crews in both the under 14 and
under 16 championships, which is a feat of which we can be proud. All crews rowed
brilliantly. The U16s championships were first up, held at Newquay in July. The
many hours of training paid off handsomely, with the A crew (Phillips Paul Preston,
Paddy Alfrey Cryan, Tom Worden, Tommy Phillips, Heyden Dark, Robbie Green,
trained and coxed by Jeb Preston) comfortably taking the County Title by 10 lengths.
Our B crew rowed particularly well to get to the semi finals and eventually finish
high up in the top 10. NAMES

Our C crew was a wholly girls crew and consisted of Jess Thomson, Ellie Humby, Caitlin Blight Anderson, Charlotte Punter, Bryher Trewin, and Jess Sealey and coxed by Sam Jane. They rowed brilliantly, all in their first season of rowing, to win the girls trophy. Overall it was a hugely successful day for the club and our youngsters.

In August our younger juniors took part in the Under 14 Championships which was
held on the Hayle Pool. Many have only started rowing this season and this was their
first ever Championships. We were very proud of their achievements with the A crew
getting through to the semis and finishing in 5th place overall. This crew consisted
of Jess Thomson, Ellie Humby, Billy Jane, Jai Mallinder, Jamma Phillips, Harry
Dark and coxed by Sam Jane. Our B crew got through to the quarters and finished in
10th place overall. This crew consisted of Ellie George, Saoirse Noonan, Ivan Blight
Anderson, Dylan Atkinson, Lea Tattersall, Franco Moorhouse and coxed by Sue
Atkinson. Our C crew rowed tremendously well as many of them only started rowing
in May. This crew was coxed by Sam Jane and consisted of Tiggy Heaton, Matt Hall,

Hattie Drummond, Jasmine Gilbert, Harry Thirlaway Price and Harry Roberts. They
did really well to get through to the second round and finished in 16th place overall. It
was a brilliant event and a great first experience of Championship rowing for all our

Healthy numbers in our junior section have had a positive impact on adult rowing,
with the older girls rowing regularly with the ladies, and U16 boys with the men.
This has meant that we managed to field 2 full crews in both ladies and mens County
Championships, a result in itself given the poor numbers early on in the season! The
weather was kind for the ladies in September, with unusually calm and ‘un-Newquay-
like’ seas. Thanks to Dave Jane for his training and coxing of both ladies crews.
The Ladies A (Kim Smith, Emma George, Charlotte Punter, Shelley Wooding, Sue
Atkinson, Eleanor Harding) rowed hard and qualified for the second round, finishing
48th overall. The Ladies B (Eula Hardy, Rachel Holder, Kate Phillips, Sarah Rudd,
Bryher Trewin, Lara Sheldon-Allen) had a tight scrap in their heat, eventually
pipping the gig alongside to the line to finish 87th overall.

Conditions were back to more typical lumpy seas for the mens racing later in
September. Our crews of Mens A (Hayden Dark, Ed Langley, Matt Holyer, Tommy
Phillips, Isaac McNeish and Robbie Green, cox Steve Jane) and Mens B (Paul
Preston, Tom Worden, Dave Henn, Dave Bray, George Harry, David Holyer, cox
Dave Jane) both rowed strongly coming 26th and 43rd respectively. The number of
young rowers with us is really encouraging, and with some hard work in coming
seasons, the club has the potential to form top 20 or even top 10 mens crews.

Newquay Video about 14 mins: VIDEO from 2012 online

In addition to the big championships, we’ve been out when we can supporting local
regattas and events, including Coverack, Mts Bay and Devoran. The poor summer
weather and rough seas unfortunately scuppered many events this summer, and our
own event Buller Day in August didn’t emerge unscathed. A stiff easterly breeze
meant the event had to be scaled back to just half a dozen gigs, but those who came
enjoyed the informal atmosphere and racing. A well attended party in the gig shed
afterwards made a helpful contribution to covering our running costs, and pasties and
entertainment thanks to Cadgwith Singers went down well on ‘Buller Eve’.

Please see 40 photos from Buller Day 2012

Add to that a couple of busy Wednesday night BBQs in the cove (thanks to all who helped,
particularly the Xmas Lights and Rec BBQ experts) and a well attended Peter and
Tony night, and it has been a hectic season all told.

As we start to look ahead to our AGM and next season, special mention must go
to the late Penny Nuttall-Smith of Cadgwith who left a small share of her estate to
several local charities, including the gig club, when she died in 2009. Her affairs have
recently been settled, and we, as do I am sure the other local groups, churches and
charities who have benefited, appreciate her kind community minded gesture.

Rachel Holder, Secretary.

The 2011 Season



Scillies World GigChampionship 2011  

Scillies World Championship 2011
See many photos from Cadgwith's 2011 visit to the World Cahmpionships, many thanks to Dani !


The 3 Rivers Race from 13 March 2011, What a great start to the season, Ladies 17 and the Mens 16, it got lovely and warm but with a strong breeze made it cooler on the river to start with, both crews worked really hard on this very long race well done!, please see many VERY large photos

The 2010 Season

Cadgwith Ladies did the Great River Race in London.
On 25th September 2010, 8 of the girlies (Angie, Emma, Dani, Katie, Kim, Rachel, Sarah and Sue) and Elly raced 21 miles down the River Thames. please see large photos:
NEW: 15 Oct: LONDON new Photos and race report added by Katie Joe Rachel Holder.

NEW: 15 Oct: JUNIOR 2010 SEASON Report by: Jeb Preston, Junior Coach


Great News: Cadgwith Juniors Newquay 2010 Champions -
Cadgwith Gig Club’s reputable juniors showed their strength once again by crossing the line convincingly in front to be named Newquay Under 16 champions 2010. Cadgwith A reached the mark first with Devoran close. Cadgwith powered on to win and eased away last leg to become the 2010 Champions. Well done! Read more

Buller Day 31st July 2010,was a great success, the juniors winning 2 races and we did well in others races. Report coming. Emma Louise Crew from the Isles of Scilly also came over for the event 21 photos and results, more added 20 Aug

Update by Sue, 4 July 2010
Cadgwith once again hosted ‘Buller Day’ this year, a race event in honour of the late
Richard ‘Buller’ Arthur who helped rekindle interest in gigs, and after whom our first
gig was named in 1986.

16 visiting clubs brought gigs from across Cornwall, making a colourful spectacle
in the cove, against a back drop of thatched cottages and fishing boats. We also
welcomed ladies crews from the Isles of Scilly and Salcombe who borrowed
Cadgwith boats.

Conditions and weather were fair, setting us up for a good day’s racing. Mounts
Bay took the Vets race, with Newquay the first all Ladies crew across the line in 9th
borrowing Padstow’s new gig Brabyn. Cadgwith juniors put in strong performances,
to retain both U16 and U14 trophies. Falmouth took the Mens A title, followed by
Mts Bay and Coverack. Falmouth put a couple of crews out in the Mens B, taking
1st and 2nd, with a fishermen’s crew in 6th. Newquay ladies were in winning form,
taking the Ladies A from Falmouth. Positions were reversed for the B race, with
Falmouth crossing the line first (but they had declared their crew as mainly A
rowers). The visiting Isles of Scilly crew won the Mixed title. Thanks to all who
made it such a great day’s rowing, and everyone who drank our bar dry afterwards!

Special mention for the emergency services, namely air and land ambulances, RNLI
and coastguard, for their rapid response to an accident during the afternoon in which a
Coverack junior slipped down the cliff above the cove, and those people on the beach
who cared for him until he was airlifted to Treliske. We’re pleased to hear he escaped
with only cuts and bruises, and has made a full recovery.

21 photos and results, more added 20 Aug


We went to Coverack yesterday, did really well!
Update by Katie, 4 July 2010

Mens B were 6th out of 12
Ladies B were 7th out of 13, Bruce coxing, Sue, Judith, Sarah, Dani, Kim and Rachel in the crew.
Under 14's won!
Mens A were 9th out of 11. Sam coxing, Steve, Stuart, Mike, Chick, Matt and Dylan in the crew (I think!)
Ladies A were 4th out of 12, Steve coxing, Emma, Sam, Katie, Sharon, Angie and Shelley in the crew. A big well done to Eula who rowed in the Irene 2 and just pipped us to 3rd! Nice one Eula.
Under 16's won!

Also, a big well done to Dylan who did three races, Mens A, Mens B and U16.

Not sure who was in the Men's B crew...

According to the Gig Rower website we won the mixed - whoo, must have been a race from the trailer lol.

Next race - Charlestown next Saturday and hopefully Devoran on Sunday!

The 2009 Season

Cadgwith are champions!

A great day. Cadgwith WINNERS rowing in "Dall Lewyer" with a great time of 15.41

Video online

9 Photos online here.

Newquay Mens results 2009 Well done to our A crew for coming 15th!

Isles of Scilly

Since returning from the Isles of Scilly World Championships in May, our Cadgwith gig crews have been out and about most weekends, as we participate in another busy summer of race events.

In May we attended Charlestown’s event, and then early June saw the first of the Tribute events (which count towards the summer long series) hosted by Falmouth. Racing in Tamarisk, our crews came in Mens A 14th, Mens B 8th, Ladies A 23rd, Ladies B 12th ,Under 16s 18th. Also in June we raced at Mounts Bay’s event, set against the backdrop of St Michaels Mount. The second Tribute event was held on a breezy day late in June, hosted by Mevagissey Gig Club at Pentewan (Mens A 26th, Mens B 8th, Ladies A 18th, B 23rd Under 16s 7th). We rounded the month off with a successful day at Helford, where our Junior crews did particularly well (U14s 1st, U16s 3rd, Mens A 7th, Mens B 3rd, Ladies A 6th, Ladies B 11th).

The CPGA Mixed and Veterans Championships, hosted by Caradon Gig Club took place early in July at Saltash. Cadgwith Mens supervets achieved a commendable 3rd, behind Caradon and Helford. There’s life in them old dogs yet!

Saturday 11th saw Buller Cup celebrations, an annual event where Cadgwith travel up to Newquay by the busload, for an evening of rowing and socialising. We’re pleased to celebrate this close link between the two clubs, both of which played a large part in the revival of gig rowing in the 1980s. Congratulations to David Henn, Stuart George, Diddy Holyer and Bruce Bennetts who were part of the winning crew at Buller Cup.

Looking forward, we wish our two U14s crew all the best as they compete in their championships on July 25th at Hayle.

The 2008 Season

2008 news and race and training reports of the JUNIORS SQUAD

Incuding our Under 14s won at Hayle 2008, Well done!

Under 14 County Gig Championships Cadgwith Gig Club have regained the Under 14 County Championship title after a five year wait, having previously won it in 2003. They are one of only two clubs to have won the title twice, the other being Salcombe Gig Club in Devon.


NEWQUAY 2008: Ladies

What a weekend, rain, wind, sunshine and some hard racing. Cadgwith had two ladies crews up at Newquay this year, both drawn in separate heats for the first round, both late on in the morning. First out was the 'A' crew, namely Emma, Sam, Katie, Angie, Nicci and Sharon and coxed by Steve in Brisons of Cape Cornwall. The seas had started to pick up from previous races, and only the first 2 in each heat were guaranteed to go through to the second round. 2nd place was held for most of the way around the course to Helford A until the final stages when the rate was pushed up. The final 35 strokes saw us overtake Helford to get first place in the heat with an impressive time of 17.38mins.

The 'B' crew, Nonny, Rachel, Pixie, Lisa, Chris and Gwen and coxed by Mary were out for race 11 in Pinnacle of Flushing and Mylor. The sea had worsened since the 'A's were out and as a result, it was going to be harder to get a fast time. Most of the 'A' ladies were out in the support boats giving encouragement for this race. Despite huge seas the girls managed third place in the heat but unfortunately their time wasn't enough to get them into the second round.

Following the first round, the organisers decided to postpone anymore racing until Sunday as it was getting too dangerous to carry on.

Sunday morning saw slightly calmers seas, and the 'A's were out in the first race in the Pinnacle. This time it was the first 2 of each heat and the 8 fastest loosers. The Pinncale seemed to struggle slightly in the rough seas but luckily the girls made it through with seconds to spare - the 7th fastest looser. Next, the quarter finals (the final 24), in Kerens. The sea had seemed to drop for this race slightly (or better than first thing) and the girls pushed past Coverack A (also in the same heat) to finish 5th in the heat and 17th overall.

Good luck to the men and juniors
in 2 weeks time.

Report by Katie

Buller Day 2008

Buller Day 2008 Photos
Saturday 16th August

Thanks for those who turned up!, sadly the waves got no better and after Buller tested the waters we had to cancel, still a great evening was had. We did get a gig out, see the photos!

photos malc, thanks

The 2007 Season

23 Sept 2007:


Well done Cadgwith!
'Cadgwith A' crew came 7th out of all Resuts

Celebration of Ralph Bird Gigs and launch of the Ralph Bird -
Please see 19 photos from Saturday 6th October, 2007 at Newquay

Buller Day 2007

our race day was on the 14th July 2007

Buller Day was a massive success! We had 24 boats on the beach and in one race, 23 boats on one start line. There were no major incidents which gives us the support to do a similar size event in the future - rather than limit it to 15 gigs. Thank you to everyone for your help in making this so successful! I think everyone enjoyed the day.

We raised £302 for Nathan's family on Buller Day which I believe is going in a trust fund for his daughter. This was through an auction of Marea's Downings Picture of Cadgwith at night and donations on the bar in the evening.

NEW gig: A total of approx £2920 has been raised to go towards our new gig (this is after all expenses etc has been taken out!), thank you to everyone who came and supported our event and made it such a success.

update from: Katie


Mevagissey Fun Event – was on 17th March. Based on the Cadgwith Giggal, Mevagissey held a fun event to help celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Cadgwith, Mevagissey, Truro, Charlestown, Gorran, Newquay all turned up and competed in a womens race – Won by Newquay with Cadgwith second, a mens race – won by Cadgwith, a Blindfold race – also won by Cadgwith and a backwards race – not sure who won that – we packed up by then – had to quit while we were ahead. This was ace as it gave us chance to start practicing races ready for Scillies.

(report by Katie)


The gigs are off to Scillies in April. Buller and Rose are heading out – Socoa is staying in the cove for training. Not sure how we’re going to do?
Scillies World Championship 2007 report

The 2006 Season

DOWNLOAD Photos and Backgrounds from 2006 and others for your computer. Ps there are more pictures in mugshots

Rowing crews have been racing the mainland regattas since the World Pilot Gig Championships (Isles of Scilly) in May, see 2006 photos; the three Tribute League events took place over six weeks at Falmouth see 2006 photos, Pentewan and Charlestown. At the time of writing (18 July) the final positions are not known.

Porthleven’s event saw a major swell developing on the tide, with all the main surfing breaks looking spectacular. The event was called off but not before the men’s crews enjoyed the conditions for half an hour ! At St Ives, see 2006 photos it was older gigs only for a change; and at Helford we won the under-16s. A last minute crew made it to Point Penpoll (who are always delighted to see Cadgwith), joining forces with Roseland in the men’s, and they were rewarded with third place in the mixed (with 3 Falmouth ‘A’ women!!).

Sat 22 July — Cape Cornwall photo

On Saturday 15 July two crews were entered at the Under 14 County Champs at Hayle Copperhouse. The girls crew improved on last year making it to the 2nd round; the crew is made up of: Bow :Martha Harry, Hannah Blight Anderson, Alex Day Smith, Rosie Reeve, Lily Vallender and stroke:Cath Day Smith.

The boys crew found themselves with a full-on day as their energy took them through to the semi-finals. They had only formed as a crew 3 weeks earlier - 2 had never raced, being new to gig rowing. Luckily the ‘Bandit’ was still available ( a plastic flash-boat on loan privately from Mts Bay) and some concentrated sessions were ‘transferred’ into the gig. The crew were bow: Laurence Mesropians; 2: Goran Lyne; 3: George Harry; 4: Sam Davies; 5: Harry Preston; stroke: Ed Langley.

Final top 6 positions: 1st Helford; 2nd Padstow; 3rd Scillies; 4th Salcombe; 5th: Cadgwith; 6th: Penryn, out of 30 crews taking part.

Also happening that day, or evening, was the Buller Cup men’s race. Gig Buller arrived at Newquay harbour fresh from Ralph Bird’s refit looking really fine, and with bubbly splashed on her bow ( its about 20 years since her launch) she flew round the course coxed by chairman Dan; Dave Henn, Dave Hocking and Josh Legge were the three Cadgwith rowers in with three from Newquay. This is a no rules race ( like our Peter and Tony fishermen’s race) and chasing behind Buller was a pack of four and this year saw one of the best ‘spins’ for a while when Good Intent (the green gig) tried to cut off Speculation (the White one) who proceeded to push Good Intent’s stern 90 degrees so that her bow rammed Active (the orange one). Oars clashing and a great cheer from the spectator boat as Speculation and Fly (the black one) sneaked ahead. It nearly all happened again on the eastern mark, after which Good Intent had had enough, and an almighty crab (not by a Cadgwith rower!!) in Spec’ saw Active row through to third.

For the bigger clubs like Newquay and the Scillies, who can race amongst themselves more, there is still plenty of this ‘contact’ racing and it adds an element often absent from CPGA racing, with its rules and regs. Its also an amusing reminder of the tricks played by crews in the working days of gigs, where good earnings were often at stake in the race for piloting and wrecking work.

800x600 | 1024x768 | 1280x1024

Sadly our own race day in the cove had to be cancelled this year owing to a blip of south easterly ‘slop’… literally just a few hours, but which would have made lining up 20 gigs below the cliffs abit too dodgy, and anyway it poured down all afternoon; not much fun for umpires and starters. What was gratifying was how many showed up for the evenings’ entertainment: all the gang from Newquay rowing club, Falmouth and even further afield.

Newquay Championships
held in August 2006. Our Under 16s made it to the finals coming 4th in a big atlantic swell, Well done!

The 2005 Season

Click for pics27 Sep 2005
Newquay Championships
with 11 photos (lower down on the page after newer photos)

Sat 27 August: Porthleven
Had an excellent (ish) race at the weekend at Porthleven - we almost came second to Falmouth but Cattewater rammed us on the second mark and made us loose an oar so we had to race in 5 handed (still didn't come last though!)
Anyway, 2 weeks till Newquay, will get loads of piccies from that and will do a proper update - hopefully we should do ok. (see above)

Update on SEACOM

Mens A came 12th, Mens B came 3rd, Ladies A came joint 12th with Penryn, Ladies B came 3rd, Juniors came 3rd

Overall the Club is 3rd in the SEACOM!

(This means the top 3 clubs are 1 Falmouth, 2 Caradon and 3 Cadgwith - not bad eh! - looking forward to the CPGA dinner and dance this year!)

Click for pics14 August 2005

12 August 2005

May 2005
Scillies, World Pilot Gig Championshis 2005
Men's Veteran's race cadgwith in 3rd place

The 2003 Season

The Mixed and Vets Championships,
3rd August, Port Issac

Cadgwith had planned, as usual, to take two mixed and one Veterans to this popular event but by the Friday before, this had been shaved down to the six Vets. A village wedding, and other summer commitments had blown apart the crews. All part of being a small community club!!! The distance involved put people off too. So it was up to the Cadgwith Veterans: 40s and over, and once again they reached the Final six.

The day was delayed at low water as the Atlantic swell made it near impossible for launching, but the sun shone
and rowers made the most of a day on the beach. The Final itself proved to be one of the most exciting races of the day: Jeb Preston was rowing 1st stroke for Cadgwith: " The fact that we had over three hours to wait between the semi and the final proved quite a challenge in itself! Also, having had some crew changes we had no idea what the form would be like against top crews. Dartmouth just beat us last year, but they had had inside berth in their own boat, so we wanted better this year."

In the event Cadgwith had a cracking start, jumping into the lead immediately.Halfway down the first leg they were nearly a length up, but the squeeze came on the approach to the first mark, and Falmouth just drew level inside, thus gaining priority water. The crews rowed stroke for stroke round the remaining marks, Cadgwith obviously on the outside. Emerging on the last leg neck and neck it was down to pure fine detail, and possibly the chance of catching one good wave. But Falmouth's experience and cohesion proved superior and they just pulled ahead.

Result: 1st: Falmouth. 2nd: Cadgwith. 3rd: Dartmouth.
(last year's result: Dartmouth, Cadgwith, Falmouth)
The Cadgwith crew were Bow: Diddy Holyer, 2: Bruce Bray, 3: Paul Bardsley, 4: David Henn, 2nd stroke: David Jane, Stroke Jeb Preston, Cox: Marcus Bawden.
(Cheers Marcus!)


A hot weekend (one of the hottest of the year so far). 4 Gigs turned up, Cadgwith, Coverack, Helford and Porthleven. After much discussion about the conditions and after putting out a crew from each club the event got under way.

The mixed race was first, a close race between Cadgwith and Helford with the lead changing many times during the very short course. Cadgwith had the lead on the last leg, but due to unfortunate crab catching lost out in the last 20 strokes to Helford.

The men had to race straight away after the mixed, with the heaviest boat there, they did well. As did the womens A crew, despite a major hangover threatening to kill off one of the crew! They came first, with a novice B crew bringing up the rear in St Elvin of Porthleven.

Buller Day 2003

Another great day for Buller Day 2003, the sun came out and some exciting rowing was to be had for all crews.

Firstly the Mens A crew in the Rose who were fighting ard with Coverack in the Lark for second place, managed to hit their cox during a bouy turn and got disqualified. The mens B crew managed not to get disqualified and ended with a good result.

The ladies A also managed not to get disqualified and came in fourth after Charlestown, Mounts Bay and Falmouth. The B crew, still a novice based crew had a good scrap with another Cadgwith crew, in the Buller, some of the original crew from many years ago who came together especially for Buller Day-thank you girls and well done to all crews.

The juniors had an especially good race winning the under 14's, the veterans also won their race.

Cadgwith managed to put two mixed crews out this year, unlike last year where the only Cadgwith mixed crew missed the race. A very good scrap formed between the Buller and the Rose, with the Rose slightly ahead at the end.


Sorry text missing here, (winners of 3 out of 4 races in St. Ives)


Peter and Tony night 2002

This is held every year to commemorate the lives of two local fishermen lost at sea. This years event was a bit unique with the leading men in the Rose losing a cox overboard on the last bouy turn. The Rose however still won coxless leaving Buller and Socoa to chase them. Well done boys.

The womens (with a few men) wasn't quite as exciting. Buller lead up to the first mark but eventually came second to the Rose. The excuses coming from the crew in Rose included, thanks to Mike "we may as well have been rowing with french sticks rather than these oars" , "they have a lighter boat" "more men". ETC ETC

Buller Day 2002

What an event! Nearly 20 boats turned up to this years event, the weather was perfect and the sea was flat, what more could you ask from an event? Possibly the home team to put out a mixed crew? Yes Cadgwith didn't quite make it to the start line up, the flag went down as we left the beach, oh well there's always the next time!


Thanks to your support”

Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club would like to thank all of you who help and support us, those who sponsor us, it really helps, the costs are high, maintaining the Gigs, the Clubhouse running costs, transport to the events, safety and clothing and a lot more.

Main Events pages:


Video online

Some race photos:


St. Ives, photos June 2006

Falmouth photos, June 2006

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