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ok here we go...

Below: 12 May 2013: Cadwith's Ladies seen here in Falmouth, Race for life 2013 — Katie Jose with Dani Yeats (I guess in Holiday mood), and poor little Melman.

Well done to our men's crews out Scillies!

Below: 10 April 2013: Cadwith's Ladies seen here training from Mullion harbour in the sunshine

Our Christmas sing in the Gig Shed

Our Christmas sing in the Gig Shed

Scillys 2007: Sam had a baby girl, Monday 31st July 2006, you can just see a bit of her at the Scillys


Scillys 2007:

Scillys 2007: Katie, Sam


Newquay 2005 : Brett photo by Rhiannon (Brett: TPS member) lol

Newquay 2005 : Brucey photo by Rhiannon

Newquay 2005 : Dave photo by Rhiannon

Newquay 2005 : Rhiannon an T

Future crew member?
Isles of Scilly, Town Beach, 2005

Isles of Scilly, while the fog was in, 2005

Isles of Scilly, 2005

while the fog was in,
Isles of Scilly 2005

Below from Katie  

Emma after a rough ride. 2003


Cheer up Shelley!

Put it away Stevie.

Rachel and Bechey


Didn't know Sarah had that
effect on you George

Isles of Scilly 2003




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Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club would like to thank all of you who help and support us, those who sponsor us, it really helps, the costs are high, maintaining the Gigs, the Clubhouse running costs, transport to the events, safety and clothing and a lot more.

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Fun photos

Sam had a baby girl, Monday 31st July 2006, Husband is Steve, the long suffering cox of us women and stroke of Mens A crew.
July 31 2006,
(Greg adds: sorry the photo is with a flash at a wedding du, NOT sunburn)


katies & Criags Wedding
Katie's & Craig's Wedding, July 22nd 2006,
What a lovely happy couple!




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