“ Buller Day our race day”

Cadgwith, Film: Ladies in Lavender

Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club race with our four gigs. "Buller", "Socoa", "Rose of Cadgwith" and "Tamarisk”

CLICK for ClubhouseAt the centre of the cove is the Pilot Gig Club. It is based in the old lifeboat house for nearly 100 years before it closed in 1963. A board in the entrance to the Old Cellars lists the rescues carried out by the Cadgwith Lifeboat.

Cadgwith, home of the 2004 release of the Film, Ladies in Lavender. Our gig Club house was used, see the photos, we will be adding more soon.

Is this Cadgwith back in the "good old days"????
Nope, in September 2003 part of the filming of "Ladies in Lavender" was being filmed down in the cove.

Our gig shed was converted into "Moyle's Sail Loft" for a couple of days! Sadly only a little is shown a couple of bricks a think. But there are a few nice beach scenes and a view from the Toddon, and one or two local faces.

Scripted and directed by Charles Dance, it is based on an enchanting story by British author William J Locke and is set in here in Cadgwith Cornwall.

Dame Judi plays Miss Jane Widdington and Dame Maggie her sister Ursula, who share a clifftop retreat on a wild, storm-lashed coastline.

The story is about a handsome young man being shipwrecked and swept up in a cove below, where he is spotted by these spinsters. they awake to find a young man (Daniel Brühl, the charming lead from last year’s Good Bye, Lenin!), half-drowned and badly injured, on their beach. They take him in and discover he is Polish; his name is Andrea and he is a gifted violinist.

Hopfully a couple of award winning performances from 'the Dames' (Maggie Smith and Judi Dench), Nigel Hess, the composer, has written some glorious music, most of which is played by the great Joshua Bell and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Sony Classic are to release the soundtrack


Thanks to your support”

Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club would like to thank all of you who help and support us, those who sponsor us, it really helps, the costs are high, maintaining the Gigs, the Clubhouse running costs, transport to the events, safety and clothing and a lot more.

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