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Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club race with our four gigs. "Buller", "Socoa", "Rose of Cadgwith" and "Tamarisk”

Below: 12 May 2013: Cadwith's Ladies seen here in Falmouth, Race for life 2013 — Katie Jose with Dani Yeats (I guess in Holiday mood), and poor little Melman.

Well done to our men's crews out Scillies!

Below: 10 April 2013: Cadwith's Ladies seen here training from Mullion harbour in the sunshine

Below: photos, many thanks to CC, for these super pics of the teams at the World Pilot Gig Championships on the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend 2009

Crews as follows:
LADIES A : E.George, S.Jane, K.Jose, A.Richards, C.Girling & R.Halliday cox= S.Jane

LADIES B: N.Addison, J.Preston, E.Hardy, M.Jones, C.Legge, Crystal, R.Holder. cox= T.Halliday


Rhiannon, Radio nterview

Ladies at Scilly 2006: Below some of the rowers at the Isles of Scilly World Championships in 2006 see large photos of the girls rowing

Women's A in rose: Katie Smith, Rhiannon Halliday, Danielle Lambrick, Angie Richards., Emma George, Shelly Wooding. COX = Karl bray

Women's B in Socoa, Judith preston, Dani Yeates, Angie Peters, Gwen Jane. Cox = Jeb Preston

Ladies at Scilly 2005:

Ladies Rose

Cox - Stevie

Stroke - Tia

5 - Riannon

4 - Katie

3 - Sam

2 - Chris

Bow - Shelley

Ladies Buller

Cox - Bruce

Stroke - Gemma

5 - Sharon P

4 - Danni

3 - Sharon L

2 - Clare

Bow - Judith

Ladies Helford

Cox - Dave

Stroke - Sarah

5 - Helen (from Scillies)

4 - Emma

3 - Angie R

2 - Angie P

Bow - Gwen


Newquay 2005 : Rhiannon an T
, at Newquay by the looks of it

A viewer sent in some photos of the Ladies practicing, thanks for that, hope you enjoyed it Peter. Thanks to Peter Suddaby for the 2 photos he emailed us (Greg July 2008)

Hi Greg, I am glad to hear from you, thanks for replying. I was hoping my humorous titles hadn't upset you all! I know gig racing is a serious competitive sport, and perhaps it was a bit unfair of me to take snaps of the ladies before they had got organised. Of course, once they were into their 'stride' they were soon a speck on the horizon.
I was really pleased to be there, and especially as it was ladies training. It must take a lot of courage to take a gig out on the "high seas" and I had assumed before that it was just a men-only sport.
I hope your seasons' events are going well. Kind regards, Peter

Below, Peter writes: Ladies secret Weapon...

Below, Peter writes: Getting ship shape...

or (Greg adds) I thought it was ... Wheres the bottle opener?

Name Built Builder
Tamarisk 2008/9 Maurice Hunkin
Buller 1986 Ralph Bird
1994 Ralph Bird
Socoa 1990 J Moore

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Weddings and Babies!

As well as Gig rowing, 2006 was memorable for a Wedding and a birth, congratulations!!

2006: Sam had a baby girl, Monday 31st July 2006, "so hopefully back to the rowing next year!", Husband is Steve, the long suffering cox of us women and stroke of Men's A crew".

July 31 2006

Katie's & Craig's Wedding outside Cadgwith, July 22nd 2006, after a gig race at Sennen we made our way to falmouth for the reception
What a lovely happy couple!

katies & Criags Wedding

Club Merchandise

Read the seasons revieWe have a range of different male and female T shirts, polo shirts, vests, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, cotton shopping bags, car stickers and postcards. Have a look at them here... Merchandise and print out your order form.


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Old Cadgwith?, NO, our Club house was
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Cadgwith Gig Club have had one of our trailers stolen. This was the first ever gig trailer built by Lizard Trailers for Buller. The trailer was not in the most accessible place and a lot of building material had to be moved and the trailer manoeuvered in a tight space to remove it.

PLEASE be aware that any information would be appreciated by the club and also clubs need to be aware that trailers are being stolen, this is the second trailer stolen in recent years.


Club Merchandise

We have a range of different male and female T shirts, polo shirts, vests, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, cotton shopping bags, car stickers and postcards. Have a look at them here... Merchandise and print out your order form.

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Posted by Greg on Dec 11, 2009
New style, with small previews, just click on a small photo on the left, it slides open a small thumbnail pic of that gallery, then you have choice, to click on a photo you like, or click on the small 4 square, icon, (next to the < > buttons), that will remove the thumbnails but still give you the descriptions. Try it out, please let me know if you like it

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Read the seasons review

Posted by Rachel Holder, and Katie Jose, and Jeb. on Dec 11, 2009

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By the way we can hire our upstairs room, its ideal for Private functions, parties etc. We also have a bar.