“ our race is
Buller Day in August ”

Our race day

Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club race with our four gigs. "Buller", "Socoa", "Rose of Cadgwith" and "Tamarisk”

Cadgwith Gig Club Buller Day - Saturday 10th August 2013

Photos below from our annual race event, Buller Day 2013. If you have any addtidions or corrections please email Greg (page update 19 Aug. 2013)
Please Andrew's time lapse video of Buller day on You Tube

Above, the Gig's line up

Above, the Gig's in the little sun we had

Above, Great to see everyone there

Above, the Gig's in Cadgwith Cove

Above, Cadgwith from the todden with the Gig's lined up

Above, the U14 from Cadgwith on the way out

Above, Caddgwith's U14 out in Tamerisk

Cadgwith's U14 coming back in the Cove, with Cox Jeb

Above, Emma cooking

Above,Cadgwith's Rose of Cadgwith and Buller after being rowed by over crews

Above,Tamerisk with the U, Cox Katie

Above, How many can you fit in a boa?t, Dani with his crew, Elwin and....

Above, Cadgwith men in Tamerisk coming in in 4th (i think) looks like 3rd in this photo

Above, Jeb with Cadgwith's U14

Above, Cadgwith's men coming back in after a hard race. Cox: Dani


Above,Micheal helping

Above, the hard working BBQ crew! (Emma with a beer :-) mind you it looks thirty work

Above, the results being written by Rach

thats it for now


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Thanks to your support”

Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club would like to thank all of you who help and support us, those who sponsor us, it really helps, the costs are high, maintaining the Gigs, the Clubhouse running costs, transport to the events, safety and clothing and a lot more.